Swipe left or swipe right all depends on that first image.
Don’t leave it to chance!


Tinder Photography was created by Charlie Grosso, a professional advertising / documentary photographer with 18 years of experience. Tired of seeing terrible photographs on Tinder, OkCupid, and other dating sites, she decided to offer her professional expertise and help you find that special someone.

When she is not on assignment, Charlie offers top-level professional photography to show your killer smile, those sparkling eyes and that irresistible charm.

Dating in NYC is hard; increase your odds with great photographs.
With the right image, a special someone will be swiping right instead of left. 





This is your love life. It's important to you and to me. I take abundant care and consideration with each and every client. 

A typical session is two to three hours. We meet. We have a coffee. We get to know each other a little, much like a date. We build a rapport with each other so the sense of comfort and ease will be reflected in the images. Then we wander through the streets of Manhattan, searching for the perfect light, that cool location. 

We will have a great time and create a unique portfolio of four to six images that is as unique as you are. A series of beautifully executed photos will editorialize on you and your life and will help you attract that special someone. 

Fifity percent of the deposit is required to reserve a session. The balance due on the day of the shoot. 


FAQs for a Successful Photoshoot: 


Ladies, please come with your makeup done.

Gentleman, if you want to get a haircut, please do it two to three days beforehand so it can settle and look natural. 

Bring a couple of different tops and shirts. Your favorite item of clothing, something you wear all the time. You want to be comfortable and be yourself. 

Put a few of your favorite songs on your iPhone - something you like to groove to. 

Relax. We are gonna have fun!