Online Dating Profile - DOs and DON'Ts

Even though you have approximately 6 images in your online dating profile, you do not have 6 chances make your case and get a swipe right. You have one, maybe two images to get it right, the rest is there to reinforce the opening message. In another words, you have four more chances to reinforce why they should go out on a date with you or you four more images to f*ck it up. Choose wisely. 

You DO NOT need to convey EVERYTHING about you in these 6 images. 

You DO NOT need a guitar in one hand and a puppy in another. If you do play and own a dog, that is great! But only include them in the photos if it makes sense (and real) — or else it’s just silly and will prompt questions you can’t answer on the date. 

The first and most important thing you need to get across in your online dating profile is that you are trust worthy. Eye contact and a real smile increases a right swipe by 21%. DO SMILE. LOOK IN THE LENS - MAKE EYE CONTACT. Your date needs to know that you are not a serial killer. 

Which is why, you SHOULD NOT open your profile with an image of you wearing sunglasses. Leave that image towards the number 4-5 slot. 

Shirt-less photos is everyone’s favorite topic. Do I/ Don’t I?
From the ladies perspective, it is an overwhelming NO. It telegraphs cheap and easy. That also holds true for images of women scantily clad or in tiny bikinis. The temptation is strong, you work so hard on your bod, going to the gym 6-days a week, you want to get some credit for the 6-pack. The credit will come later, in the bedroom. 

Mirrored Selfies is another big NO NO. Bumble banned it from the app. Isn’t that proof enough that it’s a bad idea? 

DO NOT include large group photo where it is difficult to tell which one of the 12 bridesmaid/ grooms men you are. You might look like a million bucks that day but it is just confusing. 

DO NOT include more than one images of you holding a drink. It prompts the question of either being into parties or potentially an alcoholic. 

DO NOT crop the image in such a way that it is clear you cut someone out of the photo. It makes the other person wonder, who is that? Could that be their ex? Even if the other person in the photo is your sibling, it doesn’t matter. You don’t want the question in their mind in the first place. 

DO NOT include photos of you with someone of the opposite sex. Again, you don’t want the question in their mind. 

DO NOT blur out the other people in the same photograph. It looks creepy first of all. Secondly, it’s sloppy.

DO include a photo of you looking away, off camera. We are looking for an unguarded moment where you look real and engaged. For men, images looking away and off camera has an increase in swipes. 

DO consider something that shows off the other parts of your personality. A goofy and funny image added levity to overall profile. It telegraphs that you don’t take yourself too seriously and are secure enough to put it out there. 

Most people turn the written portion of their online profile into a narrative version of their LInkedIn profile. “I do this for work. I love to run. Foodie. Love to travel and have lived in X,Y, Z places.” That is all great, except what you have constructed is a closed loop. There is no way in for the person on the other side of your profile. What could their opening line be other than…”So, how long did you live in Bogata?” “Wow! I’m a foodie too!” It’s hard to gain traction. 

DO end your profile with an ask, a call to action. Ask a question. Extend an invite. Make it easier for them to engage in a fun conversation with you. Create a more optimal situation for their interest to turn into a fun conversation, into a date.