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You Deserve More than a Selfie


We live in a visual world. First impressions are everything, regardless of which dating apps you use. Love is determined by a simple swipe -- left or right.

Thin Slicing is Real

We make first impressions and long-term judgments based on the smallest of clues. We scan before we dive in, we see the surface before we experience the substance. This means, a lot is riding on your photograph. 

  • Is your profile performing as well as it could?

  • Are you anxious about getting back out there? 

  • Are you meeting the caliber of people you would like?

  • Is your profile cobbled together with a bunch of out of date photos? 

Dating in NYC is Hard
Increase Your Odds with Great Photographs

Tinder Photography was conceived and created by Charlie Grosso, a professional advertising / documentary photographer with 20 years of experience. Tired of seeing terrible photographs on Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match and other dating sites (she dated online for 8 long years), she decided to offer her professional expertise to help you create the best online dating profile and find that special someone.

Charlie offers top-level professional photography service to show off your killer smile, those sparkling eyes and that irresistible charm. She creates images that speak of trust, fun and ease. 

Not in NYC? It's okay. Clients have traveled from Boston, Baltimore, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and as far as London and Paris seeking out her service. Request a session and we will make it work. 

WOW. That’s really all I can say. I was so worried I was going to hate every photo, but far from it. Thank you so, so, so much for letting me borrow your immense talent for a couple of hours. I will treasure these photos.
— Danielle, 31
Of course, my friends thought it was ridiculous that I would pay someone to take pictures for my Tinder but the results speak for themselves, you get out of it what you put into it…First week I only got 3 matches. After two weeks it exploded and I could barely keep up.
— Patrick, 30
From my research, she is one of foremost experts in online dating photography in the US!
— Nate, 25
Thank you so much, some of these are better than I thought possible! And thanks for the fast turnaround.
— David G, 46
Charlie! You’ve changed my life!
— Carry, 52
This is the first time I FEEL like I’m being accurately represented in my pictures.
— Jason, 29
These photos are an investment in yourself first and your dating profile secondary. It certainly increases the number of matches you get but that’s the icing on the cake. First and foremost you have great pictures of yourself which is something everyone should have.”
— Eric, 35
I hate having my picture taken. So needless to say I was extremely nervous about the idea of a photo shoot with a total stranger. But from the second I met Charlie she put me completely at ease. Not only does she make sure you’re comfortable the entire time but she’s honest, upfront and damn good at what she does! The 2 hours flew by and I literally felt like I was hanging out with a friend the whole time and got some really awesome pictures taken along the way. Could not recommend a more professional yet down to earth photographer. Thank you again Charlie for the wonderful photos, advice and experience!
— Lydia, 33




This is your love life. It's important to you and to me. I take abundant care and consideration with each and every client. 

A standard session is 2-2.5 hours. We meet. We talk. We get to know each other a little, much like a date. We build a rapport with each other creating a sense of comfort and ease --- important subliminal messages that are a must in an online dating profile. Who wants to date high maintenance? The shoot is in two part, the first half inside and the second half outside. 

We will have a great time! Together we will create a unique portfolio of six to eight looks (outfits), a combination of inside and out settings, portraits and 3/4, that is as unique as you are. A series of beautifully executed photos editorializing you and your life and help you attract that special someone. 

Tinder Photography is celebrating it's fourth year. I've gotten tremendous feedback from my clients, more matches, meeting higher caliber people, and love found! I feel fortunate to be a part of their love story and excited to be a part of yours. 


FAQs for a Successful Photoshoot: 


Ladies, please come with your makeup ready and done.

Gentleman, if you want to get a haircut, please do it two to three days beforehand so it can settle and look natural. 

Bring a selection of different tops and shirts. Your favorite item of clothing, something you wear all the time. Something you would wear on a date. The most important thing is to be comfortable and be yourself. 

Put a few of your favorite songs on your iPhone - something you like to groove to. 

Relax. This is gonna be easy. We are gonna have fun!