This is your love life. It's important to you. I take a lot of care and consideration with each and every client. 

A standard session is 90 mins. We meet. We talk. We get to know each other a little, much like a date. The initial time we spent together building a rapport is incredibly important. You want to look comfortable and at ease in these photos. And this is part of the secret on how we achieve that.

Most people are nervous about a photo session; no one like being in front of the camera. I hear you. After 20 years being a professional photographer, I know how to get the best out of any subject. My goal for these sessions is create the feeling that you are with a friend who happens to be a professional and she took a couple casual snaps of you and you happen to look amazing. Appearing effortless takes work, I’ve you covered.

A standard session is in two part, the first half inside and the second half outside. Together we will create a unique portfolio of five looks (outfits), a combination of different settings, portraits and 3/4, that is as unique as you are. We will create a series of beautifully executed photos editorializing you and help you attract that special someone. And we will have a great time!

Tinder Photography is celebrating it's fifth year. I've gotten tremendous feedback from my clients, more matches, meeting higher caliber people, and love found! I feel fortunate to be a part of their love story and excited to be a part of yours. 

There are three types of sessions available, each designed for different needs and budget. Request a session to learn more.