Which picture should I open my online dating profile with?

You do not have six images to make an impression. Rather you have ONE image to maker her curious and five chances to undo the good you've done. The order in which you organize your images for your online dating profile is critical to your success.

Always open with an image where you are looking at the camera and smiling. Eye contacts and smiles. The tried and true way to calm the animal instinct in us and telegraph trust worthiness. Do not wear sunglasses in this first one. It's essential your eyes are visible.

Picture two in the line up should echo the same sentiment as picture one, trust values. Or else she could be wondering if its a fluke and never to be had again. Women loves consistency.

Picture three, four and five. Here is where you have room to play. You've established trust and that you are a good guy, now let's find something that is interesting or a potential conversation starter.

Things to watch out for here in pictures three, four and five:

1. Group photos with more than 4 people. It's wasted real estate. She doesn't need to be picking you out of a lineup.

2. Group photos with someone of the opposite who is younger than your grandparents. It doesn't matter that is your twin sister. The women looking at your profile doesn't know that and the first question that pops into her head is, "Is that his ex?"

3. Anything that has been ridiculed online: sunrise at Machu Picchu, petting tigers in Thailand, holding a 15lb fresh caught salmon. You are trying to show something interesting about you, hobbies and travel, except so many have done exactly the same and the Internet has taken to mock. It's sad. But you don't want to appear to not be in the know so let's save those memories for date 8 when you are cuddled up in bed and scrolling through each other's Instagram account.

Picture six, the closer. You've taken great pains to construct a portfolio of your best self, the mistake would be wanting to cram in just a little bit more info. No. No. No. Instead, let's reinforce what she has learned about you thus far --- and the most important thing, that you are a good guy. Close out your profile with another trust establishing photo where you are all eye contacts and smiles.

Everything else about you...we save that for the date.